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Add vehicle to Liberation



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  • Illuminatus -

    Replied to the thread Add vehicle to Liberation.

    Hello Bunnyhopps, thank you for the advise. I‘m familiar with PBO Manager, I already played around with some settings and uploaded the file back to my server. If I find a suitable AH64 I‘ll give it a try. Thx
  • Bunnyhopps -

    Replied to the thread Add vehicle to Liberation.

    Hey. To add a vehicle from a mod you need to modify the preset file. You need to un-pbo the mission file, then you can see the individual files. Open the preset file and add the class name of that vehicle and then pack everything as a pbo again. Read the…
  • Illuminatus -

    Posted the thread Add vehicle to Liberation.

    Hello all, in case, someone is still alive, I have a question. Me and my friends are playing your version of Liberation. One of them wishes to fly the apache as it was in arma2. Is there any way to add one from the workshop to the mission? I‘ve looked…