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The Killah Potatoes Gaming Community has set itself the task of offering gamers a central point of contact and a home. This includes the independent provision of servers for games, which are currently played by the community. Due to this server provision, monthly costs are incurred by the site operators, which of course we would not claim as a membership fee from our users. Of course we are happy, however, if the costs incurred can be covered in the form of donations. The indicated donation goal does not include a profit margin or otherwise flows into the pockets of the operators. The amount is used solely to cover the costs incurred.

Donations 176

Username Date Donation type Amount
Dubjunk PayPal 20.00 EUR
Bunnyhopps PayPal 30.00 EUR
Guest PayPal 50.00 EUR
Fluppy PayPal 100.00 EUR
Gazerino PayPal 40.00 EUR
Fluppy PayPal 100.00 EUR
Frieda PayPal 50.00 EUR
Guest PayPal 18.39 EUR
Frieda PayPal 50.00 EUR
Vordenkerbube PayPal 50.00 EUR
The | Daywalker PayPal 30.00 EUR
Enigma PayPal 20.00 EUR
niklas081100 PayPal 50.00 EUR
Frieda PayPal 50.00 EUR
jus61 PayPal 50.00 EUR
Frieda PayPal 200.00 EUR
Fluppy PayPal 25.00 EUR
CaRLiTo PayPal 25.00 EUR
Frieda PayPal 100.00 EUR
donbjorno PayPal 50.00 EUR