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  • Add vehicle to Liberation

    Bunnyhopps - - General topics


    Hey. To add a vehicle from a mod you need to modify the preset file. You need to un-pbo the mission file, then you can see the individual files. Open the preset file and add the class name of that vehicle and then pack everything as a pbo again. Read the comments in the different files, they generally explain everything. It's best to check out the wiki first (Wiki). Everything you need to know is under "For Admins" (best to read all sections there. It is explained what files are important etc). …

  • Difficulty/General - no markers of units on the map - no squad radar - no vanilla tactical ping (ACE alternative is being used) - no 3rd person - endurance activated - no HUD display of waypoints, commands or own units - no crosshair - respawn button / manual respawn deactivated - In Zeus missions, an automatic respawn (after the ACE Revive time has expired) means that you are out of the mission. ACE - medic system: Advanced - medic system only activated for players, not for AI - immediate death…

  • INT LIB Call Sign Poll

    Bunnyhopps - - Search for players


    So MedEvac would be Valkyrie and the FOB would be Valhalla then^^

  • Call Sign Genre

    Bunnyhopps - - Search for players


    This sounds fun. My idea: Lord of the Rings or Food ("Hey Potato this is Steak. Did you hear anything from Ketchup?" )

  • Note to self: Don't shoot at your friends this time

  • Trupp 1 und Trupp 2

    Bunnyhopps - - ArmA 3 regular players


    Also ich bin mit meinem 4er-Team ganz zufrieden. Ich finde bei Liberation klappt das so auch ganz gut (was jetzt mein Team angeht). Auch da wir bei Liberation immer noch einige Leute haben, die sich um Luftunterstüzung und MedEvac kümmern. Hier fände ich die angesprochene Neueinteilung nicht so sinnvoll. Wie das bei den Zeus-Missionen ist, weiß ich nicht, da ich da nicht wirklich mitmache. Kann mir aber vorstellen, dass dort eine solche Einteilung wie von jus beschrieben, recht sinnvoll wäre.