Terms of use

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  1. Terms of Use

    These terms of use apply to the entire offer of the KP Community, including forum, game servers, TeamSpeak and Discord server.

    General Information
    • Religious and political topics are to be avoided.
    • Racist, threatening, illegal and sexist comments are not allowed. This also applies to links which have such contents in word and/or picture to the topic or otherwise offend against valid German right.
    • Offering indexed and confiscated games is prohibited. Likewise, cracks, illegal downloads or programs that can circumvent copy protection are not tolerated.
    • Multiple accounts are unwanted in the community and will be deleted by administrators.

    Avatars/Profile Pictures/User Names
    • Avatars, profile pics and user names may not contain any anti-constitutional, racist or sexist symbols or terms and may not generally be offensive or offensive to other users. Advertising for political parties or religious organizations is not desired and will be punished by the moderators.

    General Interaction
    • Respectful interaction with each other should be a matter of course.
    • Insults, spam, thread hijacking and obscenity of any kind will not be tolerated and will be deleted/punished accordingly.

    • Violations of the terms of use will be punished by moderators/administrators. In case of a single violation, a friendly notice will be given and the corresponding content must be removed. Further violations will result in a warning or exclusion/account suspension, depending on the severity of the violation.

    Forum Rules

    General Information
    • Advertising for other pages/forums is only allowed in the signature (unless it has been approved by the administration to open a corresponding thread).
    • Signatures may also not violate the above points. This includes offensive, racist, political, religious or unconstitutional content. Links that lead to such content are also not permitted.
    • Signatures should be a maximum of 5 lines high. The spoiler tag has no place in the signature and is removed without comment.

    Thread Creation And Answers
    • Before creating a thread, you should check whether the topic already exists. You should also take care to post the thread in the correct forum area.
    • Thread titles should be meaningful. Complete capitalization of the topic, as well as the use of excessive punctuation are to be avoided.
    • Spam and thread hijacking (discussions within a thread on a topic not related to the thread) should be avoided and will be moved if necessary.
    • Too short or superfluous answers should be avoided. This includes short phrases like "I agree with you" or "ditto", as well as "I can't help you".
    • Texts should be easy to read, e.g. punctuation marks or paragraphs.
    • Violations of the forum rules can be reported to the appropriate moderators via the report button or with a PN.

(Last update: Oct 1st 2018, 6:19pm)