Pinned Our Difficulty- and ACE Settings

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    • Our Difficulty- and ACE Settings

      • no markers of units on the map
      • no squad radar
      • no vanilla tactical ping (ACE alternative is being used)
      • no 3rd person
      • endurance activated
      • no HUD display of waypoints, commands or own units
      • no crosshair
      • respawn button / manual respawn deactivated
      • In Zeus missions, an automatic respawn (after the ACE Revive time has expired) means that you are out of the mission.
      • medic system: Advanced
      • medic system only activated for players, not for AI
      • immediate death not possible (player always enters the revive state)
      • revive state time: 20 minutes (automatic respawn when the time is over)
      • PAK usable by: medic
      • requirement for PAK usage: medical facility and patient needs to be concious (conciousness as requirement is a convention and not technically limited)
      • PAK is consumed during use
      • defibrillator usable by: medic
      • surgery kit usable by: medic
      • requirement for using the surgery kit: medical vehicle or medical facility and patient stabilized
      • surgery kit is consumed during use
      • infusion administrable by: medic
      • requirement for infusion: none
      • wounds can reopen
      • advanced ballistics system activated
      • weapon overheating activated
      • "show in a direction" function activated
      • "show on map" function activated
      • fragmentation simulation activated
      • fragmentation reflection activated
      • g-force simulation activated
      • soiling of glasses activated
      • repacking of magazines activated
      • blue force tracking activated (refreshing every 20 seconds)
      • map brightness affected by the surrounding lighting
      • artillery computer for mortars deactivated
      • wind impact on mortars deactivated
      • mortar needs to be manually reloaded after every shot
      • rearming vehicles goes per magazine (e.g. every bomb/missile seperately reloaded but MG/gun reloaded by several magazines)
      • verhicle repair by pioneer or engineer
      • requirement for verhicle repair: tool box (in the field for partial repair) / tool box + repair vehicle/facility (complete repair)
      • tire change doable by: everyone
      • tire change needs tool box: no
      • cargo system activated
      • changing of the weapon suspension (pylons) on air vehicles activated
      • changed pylons are not automatically loaded
      • changing of the pylons is doable by everyone and requires a tool box
      • weather simulation activated
      • advanced endurance simulation activated
      • advanced throwing function for grenades activated
      • mine defusing does not necessarily require an exposives expert but non-experts get a penalty
      • hearing impairment when not using ear plugs is activated
      • standard short distance radio: AN/PRC-343
      • standard long distance radio: AN/PRC-152
      • full duplex activated
      • posture does not affect the radio signal
      • coefficient of the weakening by terrain: 0.5
      • AI can hear players talk according to voice volume and distance
      • cba_settings.sqf

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