Add vehicle to Liberation

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    • Add vehicle to Liberation

      Hello all,

      in case, someone is still alive, I have a question. Me and my friends are playing your version of Liberation. One of them wishes to fly the apache as it was in arma2. Is there any way to add one from the workshop to the mission? I‘ve looked at the pbo file already but I think, I‘m not experienced enough for this.
      Appreciated your help.

      Best regards
    • Hey.
      To add a vehicle from a mod you need to modify the preset file. You need to un-pbo the mission file, then you can see the individual files.
      Open the preset file and add the class name of that vehicle and then pack everything as a pbo again. Read the comments in the different files, they generally explain everything.
      It's best to check out the wiki first (Wiki). Everything you need to know is under "For Admins" (best to read all sections there. It is explained what files are important etc).
      For further help I highly recommend our discord server (you can find the link to that at the bottom of this page). There are many experienced people there that can easily and quickly help you. There is a special channel for Liberation stuff on our discord. Just post your questions there :)
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