International KP Liberation (Sat, Jul 1st 2017, 6:00pm - 11:00pm)

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    • International KP Liberation (Sat, Jul 1st 2017, 6:00pm - 11:00pm)

      Area of Operation

      Start of Operation
      0300 local time

      1. Situation
      On the last evening we captured very important areas in the soutwest riverlands of Al Rayak. During the night we cleared the area, gathered intel on the remaining sectors and regrouped our forces. Now we have to capture the remaining installments of the enemy in this area to establish a clearer frontline to the north.
      • Enemy Forces
        We expect that the enemy may have fortified the Naval base and could have layed mines in the area of the oil field, to slow down our progress. The enemy could try to reinforce his naval base with infantry which will be flown in by helicopter. The area is also suitable for amphibious approaches by them via small boats from the north along the coastline to any points at the rivers.
      • Friendly Forces
        Due to the last operation, we've some wounded soldiers and also lost some kind of materiel. So at the moment we've only about one and a half motorized infantry squad, a MedEvac helicopter and a special forces recon team ready for this operation. There is still a possibility, that slightly wounded soldiers will regain their combat readiness during the running operation and could reinforce our troops in the field.
      • Attachments and Detachments
      • Commander’s Evaluation
        We need to gain the control over the whole southwestern riverlands to concentrate our further approaches to the north without sitting between enemy forces. As we've many casualties, the squad leader of squad HADES will be in command for this operation. It's up to him in which order he'll approach the mission targets and which materiel will be used for accomplishing this task. It's recommended to start with the Naval base, as we expect that the enemy could otherwise bring reinforcements to the area if we attack another area before. The recon team should be used to gain an overview about every target to support the planning for the attack. You should also be aware that the enemy could have fortified his positions and may use mines to slow you down or direct you in specific directions during your approach.
      2. Mission
      • Capture target ALPHA
      • Capture target BRAVO
      • Capture target CHARLIE
      • Capture target DELTA
      3. Execution
      • Concept of Operations
        The squad leader of squad HADES will have the command in this operation over all involved units. It's up to him in which order and with which plan each target will be approached. First targets should be the southern ones, before we cross the river to the northern villages. So we prevent the enemy from landing reinforcements in our backs. Enemy approaches on our area are possible, but we don't expect approaches from the northeast anymore at this time, as the southwestern area is more valuable due to the naval installments. But we should always be ready to abort an approach to fight back enemy attacks on our sectors.
      • Tasks to Manoeuvre Units
        • Motorized infantry squads ZEUS and HADES
          • Capture target ALPHA
          • Capture target BRAVO
          • Capture target CHARLIE
          • Capture target DELTA
          • Proceed further north for capturing the villages Mapaha, Al Manzoul and Olphidir if suitable
        • MedEvac
          Provide a continuous ready state at FOB BRAVO.
          Be able to provide immediate medical evacuation to infantry troops on short notice via helicopter or medical truck, depending on our air superiority status.
        • Logistic Group
          Be able to transport troops, supplies or resources inside the operation area on short notice via helicopter and trucks. Provide necessary repair or tow services for vehicles at the frontline.
        • Recon Team
          Provide reconnaissance for mission targets, identify threats and high valuable targets inside the area.
        • Mortar Team
          Provide quick mortar support on short notice from FOB BRAVO.
      4. Administration / Logistics
      • Support Concept
        Logistic, MedEvac, Recon and mortar support will be organized by squad leader of HADES.
      • Materiel and Services
        Following material is available at FOB BRAVO:
        • 1 UH60M MEV Blackhawk for MedEvac purpose
        • 1 CH-47F Chinook transport helicopter for logistic purpose
        • 3 MH6M Littlebirds for logistic purpose at the USS Freedom
        • 1 M977A4-B Flatbet Transport Truck
        • 1 M977A4-B Repair Truck
        • 1 M977A4-B Ammo Truck
        • 1 M978A4-B Fuel Truck
        • 1 M1083A1P2 open Infantry Truck
        • 2 M1025A2 HMMWV
        • 1 M1025A2 (M2) HMMWV
        • 1 M1097A2 (2D / open back) HMMWV
        • 1 M113A3 MEV APC
        • 1 Mk 6 Mortar
      • Medical Evacuation and Hospitalization
        A field hospital is established at FOB BRAVO. Evacuation with the MedEvac will take place from safe to semi-safe variable landing zones. No “Hot LZ” approvement.
        After dispatching the MedEvac to a medical mission, they will leave the current support net and switch to the command net, to organize all further details with the infantry squad on the ground. After completion of a medical mission, the MedEvac will report back to the support net.
      • Personnel
        • 16 Soldiers as motorized infantry
        • 1 MedEvac Pilot (with medical abilities)
        • 2 Recon team member
      • Civil-Military Cooperation
        It is highly needed to prevent any harm to civilians or damage to civil buildings. We don't expect any civilian activity at target ALPHA to CHARLIE. In the northern villages civilian activity is possible.
      5. Command and Signal
      • Callsigns
        CRONUS– Platoon Lead
        ZEUS – Infantry Squad 1
        HADES – Infantry Squad 2
        APOLLO – MedEvac Element
        HERMES – Logistic Element
        ATHENA – Recon Team
        ARES – Mortar
      • Nets
        AN/PRC 343 Channel 1 to 3 – Free for ZEUS
        AN/PRC 343 Channel 4 to 6 – Free for HADES
        SEM52 Channel 1 (46MHz) – Command Net (ZEUS and HADES)
        SEM52 Channel 2 (47MHz) – Support Net (APOLLO, HERMES, ATHENA, ARES and HADES)
        SEM52 Channel 3 (48MHz) – optional long range channel for internal use for ZEUS
        SEM52 Channel 4 (49MHz) – optional long range channel for internal use for HADES

        This radio net plan might be changed by SL HADES during the operation according to the operational and personal circumstances.


      Green Slots
      : familiar with the basic mechanics of the game and ACE e.g. pilots, team leader or medic
      Blue Slots
      : very good knowledge about the used mods, ArmA in general and good basic leadership abilities
      Yellow Slot
      : high command

      The briefing is provided by the Zeus player in agreement with the Platoon Leader.

      All needed informations: International Info Thread

      Name: [INTERNATIONAL] KP Liberation Event
      Port: 2312
      PW: same as the last times

      "Irgendwann, möglicherweise aber auch nie, werde ich dich bitten mir eine kleine Gefälligkeit zu erweisen. Aber solange ich das nicht tue, soll die Gerechtigkeit mein Geschenk an dich sein..."
      - Vito Corleone