17 Years of Total War

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    • 17 Years of Total War

      I thought it was pretty impressive, one of the longest running series on PC turns 15 this year and then I thought wait, Total War must be 17 by now!

      I really do love this series and the genre, from young till old I will play these games, can't wait for their unannounced historical title. Apparently it's going to be of a "smaller era" (so much to my upset, not likely to be WW1 or WW2!). Anyone else ever play these religiously at one point? I used to visit my grandparents just for the chances of playing TW:Shogun (that's 15 years ago, released 17 years ago) on my uncles' computer. :D

      Any speculations on which era the newest historical title might cover? I'm thinking Mayan, Aztec or Incan maybe?

      And while we're at it, does anyone else hope they'll cover more fantasies? Maybe Lord of the Rings, or Tabletop D&D? 8o
    • I've never really played TW. I own some titles from the series, but I've never really gotten into it. Also the Warhammer titles seems very nice, but well.... It don't really catch me.
      "Irgendwann, möglicherweise aber auch nie, werde ich dich bitten mir eine kleine Gefälligkeit zu erweisen. Aber solange ich das nicht tue, soll die Gerechtigkeit mein Geschenk an dich sein..."
      - Vito Corleone

    • The Warhammer series did turn me off also, if fantasy, I would of chosen something else but I also like Warhammer as a standalone so I wasn't too against it either. Played TW:Warhammer for some 75 odd hours and I don't think I'd play again until TW:Warhammer 2 combines the two titles. TW:W2 I'm looking forward to a little more so, it's the better part of the Warhammer fantasy lore. :P