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    • ArmA 3 - Updates

      I would like to start up a rolling information stream of ArmA updates and news. I always forget to browse the sitreps/spotreps/techreps, perhaps this'll help others keep up to date to as well as myself. :thumbup: We can kick things off with the 1.76 update SPOTREP.

      I'm sure by now we're all aware of the updates content but for those who aren't, 1.76 comes with:
      • The IDAP faction, a civilian group with the goal of offering mid/post-war development and aid. This is new vehicles, new drones, new clothing, new objects, new missions and a new explosives system as well as extra animations for specific moments like planting, triggering and defusal of all detonated explosives.
      • Tweaks and fixes to pre-existing content such as jet loadouts, the M200 machine gun, reload animations and the (extremely annoying) USS carrier deck.

      There is also an OPREP, offered by Pavel Valič, an artist for BIS at the new office in the Netherlands. This OPREP specifically looks at the IDAP faction and all its' artistic content, whilst also including some preliminary, early concepts - an interesting read.

      Read about the new Laws of War DLC here in German or English, written by @Wyqer.

      Multiple crash-fixes here including that annoying Zeus CTD. Available as client (only useful for clients really) or server (really no need at this point) profiling branch, only use if necessary though, debug layer includes decreased performance. There's a how-to document on the dropbox and googledrive links with regards to install and the #perf_prof_branch channel dedicated to the performance profiling branch at their Discord if any additional help were needed.

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    • I like this "short content description" idea for the ArmA 3 updates. Because, as you mentioned, some people won't read the reportings from BI or there is "too much uninteresting" inside, so they read one sentence and close it. But with a thread like this one, there is a good opportunity to stay up to date with the newest changes without search for the "important stuff" inside the SPOTREPs.

      I really hope the CTDs get fixed in a small hotfix in the next days. I'll try the profiling branch the next time when we're doing a Zeus mission. And if it won't really help, I can at least send logs to dwarden, as he had requested them.

      Looking forward to the next summaries of the upcoming SPOTREPs and many thanks for sharing these. :)
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    • Yea, funnily enough I'm one of those people who skips everything because most is uninteresting. :saint: Newest SITREP, a few hours later.

      Vojtěch Kovařič wrote:

      As of now, we're still evaluating all of your feedback and impressions, and we're also investigating whether we need to deploy a small hotfix.
      Yes! :D I think considering this hotfix will include a CTD fix, they should definitely have released it sooner rather than later! Even if it was just a quick emergency 5MB update to fix those damn issues. Haha, I guess they'll want to test the fix further but honestly, it's such an annoying crash to deal with as a Zeus player. ||

      However, onwards and upwards, ArmA 3 celebrates it's 4th year running since official release on Steam. They celebrate by taking Edita for a spin as well as showing off some of their live, orchestral recordings. There are also new wallpapers, bonus music content and some more talk of the Laws of War DLC release as well as news of ArmA 3's 1.70 update for Linux/Mac, bringing with it, 64-bit and the Jets DLC.

      And most importantly... Credit to BIS for their (presumably fairly large) donation to the ICRC. :thumbsup:

      Vojtěch Kovařič wrote:

      Last but not least, for those who were not yet aware, half of Bohemia Interactive's net revenue from direct sales (not as part of bundles) of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC in 2017 will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised will be announced on in 2018.
    • The latest SITREP.

      From BIS, Joris-Jan van 't Land speaks about the latest status of their development. This includes information about their upcoming hotfix that supposedly fixes the latest Zeus issues and other multiplayer related crashes, as well as that they are mid-production of the two future DLC releases, TAC-Ops and Tanks. They also announce their physical map prints, adding Malden to the collection as well as offering a limited time offer here. Which includes all previous physical maps, as well as Malden and an ArmA 2 Chernarus bundle (2 maps and 8 postcards).

      In other news, the ICRC publishes a small blog on working alongside video games in a quest to spread the ultimate message. There are also shots of leaflet designs that can be used by mission designers in a number of different ways, to further implement a realistic level of immersion. Defeating the enemy is not the only goal, safeguarding the civilian population becomes a new, just as heavy, priority that needs to be under consideration at every moment, in and out of conflict.
      We are not part of the debate on violence in video games. As in real life – we don’t comment on why people are fighting. Instead, we insist on our strict neutrality and impartiality in armed conflicts and focus on reminding fighters about their obligations under International Humanitarian Law. With video games, our goal is not to spoil the fun, but rather to expose players to an extra layer of complexity present in war – to let them learn more about the roles and responsibilities of real soldiers when it comes to IHL.

      To finish off, BIS lists some dev-branch highlights:
      • Audio Designer Tom de Smit already worked on asset-specific SFX for explosives used in Laws of War DLC. Now he has also added such placement, defusal and trigger sounds for the remainder of explosives (except for naval mines).
      • Picture-in-Picture render targets (e.g. vehicle rear view mirrors) can and do now use occlusion bounding boxesfor improved performance. These boxes do not need to be defined with extreme precision. They will prevent rendering of such scenes when they cannot be seen any way.
      • Encoding Lead Martin Gregor contributes: "in the last two weeks we made use of a new technology for detection of user actions (a.k.a. action menu actions). This tech has been deployed for doors and ladders so far. The actions are now offered when looking at a specific component in the collision geometry, which means that there should no longer be situations where players are offered several actions for doors at once, not knowing which action belongs to which door." The technology uses an actionNamedSel and your feedback is welcome on the forums.
      • In preparation for Tanks DLC, we have updated the PhysX libraries to version 3.4.0, and committed several tweaks and fixes. The update alone should deliver an improved simulation of tracked vehicle driving, but stay tuned for our work-in-progress tweaks to specific assets, also using new parameters that will be documented.
      • Many of the engine's script commands now throw a script error (shown if enabled) in case incorrect enum(erated) values are provided. An example would be: _g2 setBehaviour "CARELES", which will trigger such error, because the correct value is "CARELESS" in this case. We hope this change facilitates slightly improved debugging for scripters. Note that there are some false-positives in the first version that we're solving as we go.
      ... and there is also a call out to the latest 0.4.3 RHS update, with their own trailer posted. This update brings lots of cool additions including new vehicles, weapons and gear as well as implementation of the Jets DLC platform into previous and new RHS vehicles.

      Although personally I've been offline for a small while, we are most definitely looking forward to jumping back into a heavy, strategic game mode, with lots of consideration for multiple threat levels, from civilian, to Guerrilla, to enemy. I hope everyone else is too. :D