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      A separate "rolling information stream" for ArmA 3 mods, specifically those we all know of when they update as well as the current popular mods. Just now RHS updates so it seems a good time to start, I'll mostly just post changelogs where I can. In this instance, I'm looking forward to the Utilities Construction mod, looks like it'll be a great level of immersion for smaller more defined missions and Arctic Wasteland seems like it's going to be a great map addition, I know many of my friends have been looking for a great snow environment to battle in, let alone the addition of snowy weather mechanics.

      _SCAR wrote:

      The Utilities Construction Mod allows to quickly add construction areas in your missions for pipelines, railways, electric lines, and such.
      Being a fan of milsim, the main reason I developed this mod was to give an objective purpose for staying in specific areas, especially for persistent servers. Having a lot of small tasks such as the ones that ALiVE gives you it's really great, but having (for instance) a pipeline to build qualifies the presence and gives specific time limits for a faction to be in an area.

      Please note that this mod is still in early beta. Some changes and bugs are to be expected.

      JG27_Catsy / Joarius wrote:

      GEISTA3L FOW is an extension of GEISTA3L using some models from Faces of War.
      It's just a beginning, more stuff should come with time...

      You need to have all the following mods to play with this:

      Hash_Cookie wrote:

      Welcome to my very first Snow Terrain. It is in very early alpha stages but very playable nevertheless. A few minor and time consuming tweaks are needed to be done still but it has no effect on the map. Please feel free to use this map however you feel, This is my first test map to get used to the programs required.

      Mods that'll go hand in hand with this map are:

    • I've not had a chance to see for myself but this map looks very "pretty". The comments are very kind and from the video & screenshots the work looks extremely good. Although a smaller map, it could be fun to see a smaller game of Liberation here. It requires CUP Core, CUP CWA & Xin_Ponds.

      xindrum wrote:

      This is a map mod from our home place in Northern Norway. We wanted a realistic scenery of this beautiful area with sea, high mountains, lakes and rivers. To do so we had to have a working pond mod, so a new mod for this was created. Also a 4.5 km long tunnell had to be made. So in this map there are many opertunities for making missions.

      This one I'm a little too excited for, I also want to see this in Liberation! Just at a later stage than "Release 1 BETA". Although the textures would go to point out it is very much a BETA the mod itself is definitely going somewhere. The weapons are nice, the vehicles are great and I can't help but feel like there's a certain grand direction with this mod (too many Warhammer attempts fell short). Much like with Star Wars, I would love to see ArmA break into another theme somewhere.

      jesse.swift & co. wrote:

      Warhammer 40,000 is a deep fantasy universe, one filled with long stories, enormous conflicts, supreme evil, and an eternity of unending war. It deserves a proper, massive, frontline experience that only a certain game can provide, and that game for us is Arma 3. "There is Only War" is a mod whose goal is a true representation of 40k in Arma. There will be a no-nonsense approach to creating this ultimate experience - Boltguns will blow targets away, Necrons will be nigh indestructible, and Space Marines will stand heads taller than mortals. This project will be true to the universe, confined only by playability, game limitations, and in extreme cases, common sense and realism.

      Nothing else needs to be said, a MARPAT version of vanilla combat clothing. :D

      Crimson Mage wrote:

      This mod attempts to create MARPAT camoed uniforms, backpacks, compatible vests and helmets (I know I put a Multicam helmet but I liked how it looked so ♥♥♥♥ it). The way the camo looks (contrast, color, saturation, brightness) might be changed in the future. The camo is not perfect nor will it ever be! It is really hard to make a camouflage fit in with the Arma colors and environment.

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