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  • ArmA 3 Liberation Version 0.95. Currently six maps are available on the Steam Workshop.
    The development of the Arma 3 Liberation mission continues but by the Killah Potatoes. The actual developer ([GREUH]Zbug) had stopped working on the Liberation missions, so [KP]Wyqer started work in March to keep the community fresh.

    In the development of Liberation, Wyqer has been able to implement some fresh ideas, improvements and fixes in collaboration with the ArmA 3 community. The focus of the currently published version was on the revision of resource management. This includes for example, the introduction of a new resource system with storage areas and resources that are tied to the Forward Operational Base (FOB) they are stored at. This means that resources are no longer globally available nor a hard limits but are hard resources used to construct infanty, vehicles and structures such as fortifications and statics. Resources between FOBs must be transported. In addition, enemy vehicles can now be recycled, storage areas built in sectors and storage areas and production facilities built in cities. These innovations in terms of resources are intended to increase the immersion within a Liberation mission and convey a "mid-way" feeling. "The resources are supposed to exist physically in the game world and not simply as a value," said Wyqer.

    However, with the introduction of the resource system, the work is not yet finished because many ideas are waiting for their implementation. It is planned to improve the actions of opposing forces in the future. "The player should always be forced to react without having initiated a direct enemy action."

    Further planned implementations are:

    • Optional systems such as:
      • An XP / ranking system
      • An "unlocking system" of certain items in the arsenal
      • A possible class system
    • More secondary missions
    • Optimizing the code in terms of performance
    • Other minor improvements.

    These points are projects that Wyqer has highlighted as possible goals with the help of feedback and ideas from the community in his roadmap for the further development of Liberation. However, he says that "the class or XP systems will be optional and can be activated or deactivated as desired, so that no one is unintentionally restricted by the mission in their ability to self-organize."

    Click here for more information about Wyqers project plan.
    If you want to give him feedback, suggestions and / or ideas, you can do it HERE or via our Discord channel (see footer).

    At the moment there are pre-fabricated and pre-configured mission files with the maps Altis, Chernarus, Sahrani, Takistan, Tanoa and Taunus on the Steam Workshop. For server operators, however, it is recommended to refer to the GitHub mission files in order to be able to edit them freely.
    The current average number of 1,000 subscribers per mission is also reflected by the fact that the Liberation versions already scarcely scratch the Top 100 of the most popular workshop objects for ArmA 3 in the past 3 months.
    You can find information about the changelog HERE.

    We hope for more support from the ArmA 3 community for Wyqer. Keep your fingers crossed and give feedback and suggestions, if desired. We wish you a lot of fun with the Liberation mission files.

    Many thanks from the author of the german news to Applejakerie, who translated it into english.

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  • Enigma -

    Kleine Anmerkung: Im letzten Absatz "keep your fingers crossed" ... Ich würde zum deutschen "lasst eure Daumen da" eher sagen: "leave us a like". Momentan heisst es frei übersetzt: "Wir hoffen auf weitere Unterstützung, drückt uns die Damumen dafür". Was ja ansich auch nicht schlecht ist, aber eben nicht dasselbe. :)

  • Wyqer -

    Many thanks Applejakerie, who translate the news without any question for it. That's really great and also impressive.