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  • The second round of our international ArmA 3 liberation event will be on 03. June 2017
    Last saturday we accomplished our first international liberation mission on Sahrani. With a count of 20 Players we were able to have all of our organisational units manned. MedEvac-Team, logistics, platoon- and squadleading as well as three complete fireteams which headed for the shore and conquested strategic Targets within a 5h operation.

    Bird-eye-perspectiv on targets (Source: Missions-briefing)

    The feedback after our mission was all in all positive. According to that, our community voted a following date: This will be the

    03. of June 2017 starting at 1800 CEST.

    It´s not sure yet, if the mission will be continued or if the platoonlead will send the troops into another operation. This will be communicated in time.

    After registration on our website you can enlist for participation HERE.
    If you´re looking for information of our way we play ArmA 3 have a look at the Organisational discription. Information about our modlist will be found in this thread.

    We´re looking forward to this event and happy about a big number of participants. Here our recording of our first international liberation Mission (Several bits in German)

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