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  • TS-Channel, group page and self operated forums for our clans/guilds/groups
    Hello gamer of all games and platforms.
    We, the Killah Potatoes Gaming Community, have made it our mission to provide a central point of contact for you. Gaming news, discussion forums, TS-Channel, server and the event calendar are fully usable for every registered user, meaning Forenthreads, discussions and appointments can be created by everyone to find players, get opinions, or simply to talk.

    Another feature that we offer to all users is the group system integrated into our website. This offers all groups, whether clan, team, chess club or reading circle the possibility to create their own information page including banners and to manage their own forum. The groups are divided into different categories in the system in order to find more quickly what you are looking for. The group system is primarily intended for groupings not belonging to the Killah Potatoes clan, and is intended to give these "guest clans" the opportunity to manage an independent and free area , thereby providing added value to the community as a whole.

    group categories

    Currently, there are not many groups in that area because this function is relatively inconspicuous. We are happy, however, if this changes soon and we welcome several groups on our website. Of course all of you can use our common community forum, which is also highly desirable, in which general things can be discussed. Your forums could then contain Inter-group arrangements, deadlines, tactics and much more, and, if this is the case, is protected against group-wide access. Following some screenshots of how the whole thing could look like:

    Rainbow Six: Siege group overview (description of group, forum, etc.)

    R6S Planning Room (internal), Public Area

    View of the public area

    You are welcome to create a group page. Whether you have a Paintball- or AirSoft-team, you are a bowler, a P&P player or a gamer like us. We look forward to diversity on our website. The more players and groups we reach, the more exciting will be our appearance. So feel free to create a page for your groups.

    If you need help take a look in the FAQ's about the group system. If you also need a channel on our TS3 server you can find everything important here.

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