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  • Help ground units in this SP / CO-OP / PvP mission for ArmA 3 as a helicopter pilot with transport, CAS and MedEvac tasks.
    On this day a small mission from KP was published to the Steam Workshop.

    In this mission, game mode "ground support", the players take the roles of helicopter pilots tasked with supporting ground units. The playing field includes the two bases of each factions, USA and Russia, as well as a total of 10 sectors. From these faction bases ground units are always on their way to independently seize control of those 10 active sectors. The players are there to support the groups by answering requests for transport, air support or medical evacuation. These orders are dynamically generated during the game, which means that no round compared to another is completely equal. This is accompanied by immersive radio traffic.

    American soldiers climb into a UH-60 "Black Hawk"

    The mission ends as soon as one side has no more tickets remaining. These are reduced when helicopters crash or the opponent controls at least 6 sectors. In the event of a helicopter crash, the player can respawn at their respective base, where after some time the helicopters reappear. The base also provides landing sites to repair, refuel or rearm the helicopter during the mission. Players are actually restricted to their role as pilots and can only leave the vehicle within their own base, for example, to switch to another helicopter. This also means that players themselves cannot take any sectors.

    The playing field

    This mission can be played in single player, as a CO-OP (6 players) or as PvP (12 players).

    The mission is available via the Steam Workshop: Subscribe

    Translated from german to english by Applejakerie.
    10th July 2017

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  • RotasOpera -

    Great Scenario! Any chance on releasing the missionfiles for dedicated servers?

    • Wyqer -

      In each description of the workshop missions is a link to Github, where you can download the pbos for servers from the releases tab.

    • RotasOpera -

      totally missed that. Thank you!