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  • Within the ranks of the Killah Potatoes Gaming Community there is a new mod for ArmA 3 in the works, which makes vanilla vehicles appear in German Bundeswehr camo.
    Mods, which provide a German Bundeswehr camouflage for ArmA 3 vanilla vehicles, already exist. One of these is, for example, the Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack, which is currently also used by the ArmA 3 players from our community. So why do you need another BW Retexture Mod?

    Folkward has made it his task to make a larger selection of vehicles appear in the BW camouflage. In addition, the representation of the colour was adapted in such a way that it appears dull and therefore less light seems to be reflected (see screenshots). Currently, the project is still in its initial phase, so only a small selection of vehicles in BW camouflage has been available so far. According to Folkward, this selection is expected to grow continuously in the coming months. The plan is to be able to present a complete fraction in the BW camo, including various ground and airborne vehicles, in the next 6-12 months.

    MBT-52 Kuma, Mi-48 Kajman

    The following is a comparison of the various textures within the Bundeswehr Vehicle Retexture Pack, the BW Mod and Folkwards BW Retexture Mod in the game.

    From left to right - Folkwards BW Retexture Mod, BW Mod, BW Vehicle Retexture Pack

    Rear View

    Since the project is still relatively early, the textures are still not at the final stage. Folkward plans to implement some details during the course of the project, e.g. dirt and wear marks like scratches on the paint. However, this will take place in a later phase. For the time being, more vehicles will be implemented in the mod to provide a wider range.

    Currently the following vehicles are located in Folkwards BW Retexture Mod:
    • MBT-52 Kuma (Leopard equivalent)
    • Hunter (unarmed, HMG and GMG)
    • V-44 Blackfish (Infantry and Vehicle)
    • Mi-48 Kajman
    The mod can be obtained via the Steam Workshop (see links). Other vehicles will be added over time.
    Folkward is hoping for feedback from the community to further improve his work. You may also contact him via our Discord Server or give him feedback in the Folkwards BW Retexture thread in our forum. Likes and subscriptions in the Steam Workshop are also an incentive to continue the project ambitiously.

    Translated from german to english by Applejakerie.


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