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  • After three years of development and remaining in the early access phase, the survival adventure The Long Dark with two episodes of the Story Mode, is released on 01.08.2017.
    With the The Long Dark, Hinterland Studios Inc. has created a very unusual survival game. There are no zombies or monsters but only the cold and wild animals in a 30 km², abandoned region of Canada. PvP or base building is likewise not included and added comes the selected graphic style, which the striking feel, in our opinion, very well captures and transports.

    Release Trailer (Source: Hinterland Studios Inc. YouTube-Kanal)

    With the release on 01.08.2017, the first two episodes of the "WINTERMUTE" Storyline, besides the well-known sandbox mode, will be delivered. Owners of the previous Early Access version will of course be released without further costs or necessary actions on the release date. Episodes 3 - 5 are scheduled to be finalized in 2017 and 2018. Thus, Hinterland Studios Inc., which consists of veterans who have worked on titles such as Far Cry, God of War, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age, has shown that an early access phase is also quite an end. Even if it lasts three years. But even during this time, the team kept delivering updates, which never gave the feeling that the project could get lost.

    How do you feel about this rather unusual Survival Game and will you possibly get it? Maybe you already have it and can say something to this game, so that others can get a slightly broader opinion. In any case, this game has been a lot of fun and within our community, we've been running small competitions for the longest time in the game.

    We are looking forward to your opinions in the news thread.