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  • This month is all about action!
    Here is the games list for the Playstation Plus games of the month this September:
    • inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)
    • Child of Light (PS4)
    • Truck Racer (PS3)
    • Handball 2016 (PS3)
    • We Are Doomed (PS Vita & PS4)
    • Hatoful Boyfriend (PS4 & PS Vita)

    As a bonus for PlayStation VR owners: PS Plus members in the US and Canada also receive RIGS Mechanized Combat League as a free bonus game from September 5 to November 7. RIGS is an arena-based first-person shooter that has been developed from the ground up for PS VR. In the year 2065, the players enter into an intense, action-oriented sport, which mixes elements from various sports such as combat sports, motor-sports, basketball and football. Furthermore, That's You, is also available for download.

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