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  • Bohemia Interactive has now announced the release date of its next DLC, developed by BI's new team in Amsterdam, for ArmA 3. It will be released on the 7th of September.
    The Laws of War DLC focuses on humanitarian aspects in crisis areas and brings a new faction, IDAP - International Development & Aid Project, into the game. The new development studio of Bohemia Interactive in Amsterdam is responsible for this DLC, which is why the working title of Orange DLC was very appropriate until the final title was announced. BI has also worked very closely with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to bring the aspects of international humanitarian law into the DLC in a coherent and authentic manner.

    Reveal Trailer for the Laws of War DLC (Source: BI YouTube Channel)

    However, Bohemia Interactive has again made it clear that this is not to restrict the players on the platform ArmA 3 in any form or to restrict their freedom. There will be no penalties or the like if a player violates international law in the game, unless it is used accordingly in the mission. They would rather open up another perspective for the players in order to be able to experience the whole event even more multifaceted. To this end, a small campaign is being made, where an IDAP explosive expert named Nathan MacDade, will have to deal with the leftovers and consequences after the armed conflicts on Stratis and Altis. There are also new vehicles and equipment for the faction.

    Flyers of the IDAP (Source: BI OPREP)

    At the past Gamescom in Cologne, we were already able to see the DLC content (we reported) and can say that the new content is a very interesting, new aspect and could bring a whole new depth into the playing experience. In line with this, the next update of the KP Liberation mission will also contribute precisely this aspect, which is why the DLC is called for. The update will be released by the end of September at the earliest and will introduce some new features. You can find more details on the GitHub overview.

    The DLC itself will be released on the 7th of September 2017, which means a very short, remaining waiting time. In the dev branch of ArmA 3 the content could, of course, already be reviewed beforehand and feedback sent to the developers. So let's hope for a polished DLC.

    What is your opinion about such a type of DLC? Is it too deep for a game to show humanitarian work, or should there be such educational information in games like ArmA 3? Please tell us in the related news thread.