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  • This evening, the genre mix of rolling games, economic and life simulation on Steam was released as an early access. We've looked at the developers' plan.
    Yesterday evening, 09/26/2017 at19:00 GMT, the Early Access version of the game The Guild 3 was unlocked on Steam, from THQ Nordic.

    The Guild 3 will transport you to the Middle Ages in the year 1400 where gradually, the nobles will lose their influence over the destiny of the world and the free cities experience, through the increasing trade influence, there can be an upswing however. As a player, you experience the story of your own family dynasty in this unusual mix of business, strategy, life simulation and rolling game genre. The adventure takes place in one of 12 maps, on which a different number of historical cities can be found. Engage in your craft-work, a secret society, or local politics. Many of you may know these aspects from the previous guild games and in our past Gamescom report, we have already created a The Guild 3 report.

    The Guild 3 Early Access Trailer (Source: THQ Nordic YouTube Channel)

    THQ Nordic has also published a roadmap for its early access phase on its website. We would like to introduce you to the planned schedule:
    • From 26.10.17
      • Other victory conditions -> New ways to win the game. For example, "destroy all other dynasties".
      • Contracts / Quests -> A new interface is integrated, with which players can offer orders or quests.
      • New maps -> Visby and Vienna are added.
    • From the 23.11.17
      • Multiplayer -> The multiplayer mode is made accessible, in which up to 16 players can play together.
      • AI Improvement -> Further AI improvements are introduced into the game and some bugs are fixed with this.
      • More new maps -> The cities and the surrounding area of Paris and Warsaw will be implemented.
    • From 21.12.17
      • Merry Christmas -> Largest content pact as a small Christmas present for the community.
      • Takeover of buildings -> The takeover of buildings can be carried out forcibly by your minions or by diplomatic channels.
      • Sovereign Actions -> The games expanded with the mechanics of own administration of the domination area, troop management, treasury, keep court and other feudal activities. In addition, participation in foreign wars will also be available.
      • Teamplay and Voting System -> After this update you will be able to form teams in the multiplayer. In addition, a voting system is introduced, which allows you to vote on some aspects of the game within your group.
      • Other -> Among other things the soup kitchen is introduced, which concerns the supply of the poorer population.
      • More maps -> The area of the Hanseatic League (probably the region around Lübeck) as well as the Netherlands will be selectable in the game.
    The game is now available for £24.99 on the Steam Store page of The Guild 3.

    How do you think about the game? Do you know the predecessors? Are you ready to start the game in early access or do you wait until the full release? Tell us in the discussion thread to the news.


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