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  • The newest version of Liberation has now been released, after about 3 months of work. This version is dedicated to the "Laws of War", the recently released ArmA 3 DLC. In addition, a necessary hotfix for two more critical bugs came out today.

    In line with the recently released ArmA 3 DLC "Laws of War", the newest version of KP Liberation brings a new dimension into the gambling experience: the civilian reputation.

    This value, which ranges from -100% to 100%, enriches the player's experience with a dynamically reacting civilian population. Previously, civilians lurking around cities and driving civilian vehicles across the streets were nothing more than pretty accessories, but now this has become an important factor. The civilian population now reacts dynamically to your deeds during your liberation campaign. See how the population itself is taking up arms, either to assist you in your efforts or to stand up against you as you are acting too negatively or not protecting the population.

    This game mechanics is now implemented in a basic framework and is already fully functional. However, also in such a way that in the upcoming patches for version 0.96 some extensions for this mechanics are provided. More interactions with the population and the guerrilla groups are planned. It is hoped that at the end of the patches for the current version, a significantly more immersive and rounder playing experience can be offered, which increases the complexity of such an operation once again without leaving the actual focus of the mission in the background.

    A brief overview of the newly added kernel elements of the new version:
    • Civilian reputation
      This value is influenced by your behaviour during your liberation operation. The killing of civilians, the destruction of their buildings or the seizure of their vehicles will have a negative effect on the reputation of the players. While the liberation of cities without collateral damage or the provision of injured civilians after combat operations increases the reputation. This mechanics is designed in such a way that the loss of the reputation can be quite simple, while the increase and maintenance of the reputation is more difficult to achieve. This is intended to encourage players to act much more cautiously on urban terrain.
    • Information gathering by civilians
      If the people's opinion is positive towards you, you might be referred to civilian informers who have seen something and who consider it advantageous to inform the liberation forces instead of keeping it to themselves. Get the informer in one of the cities and escort him to one of your FOBs. The information thus obtained can be used to launch secondary missions and thus gain advantages against the enemy forces. There may also be the rare case that the informant knows the whereabouts of a high-ranking officer and tells you. In this case, it is important to act quickly, because the officer will certainly be staying at the known location for a very short time. If you kill him, this slows down clearly the current plans of the opponent.
    • The resistance rises
      During your operation a resistance group will form. Initially simple civilians with found weapons, this group can gradually gain strength. Either with the experience gained by the participation in fights or even by attacks on players or their logistics routes. It depends on the reputation of the players whether the resistance classifies the efforts of the BluFor forces as beneficial or disadvantageous for the region. Accordingly, they could stand out as your allies, or make your life difficult for you. Be on your guard in any case.
    • Asymmetrical warfare
      Especially if you bring up the population against you, this will try to hinder you somehow. Be it ambiguities in cities, the laying of improvised explosives or the handicap of your logistics in your own area. This aspect is to be updated with a little more depth in coming patches.
    • Independent selection of fractions for Blufor, Opfor, Resistance and civilians
      There were previously so-called "presets", which completely covered all four sides, this system has now been split up. This means that so-called presets are now available individually for each of the parties. You want to play with the US Army and not against the Russians but CSAT, the Tanoan resistance fighters and the civilians are more likely to be Eastern European? This is no longer a problem, because each party can be defined individually and independently of the others in the configuration file. Previously, for each combination, a complete new preset file would have been necessary, which was simply not very user friendly. So this makes your game even more unique.
    • Optimizations and bug fixes
      Through the feedback from the community some aspects could be adapted and optimized. Furthermore, a part of the code has been improved again, even if a general code optimization is not yet a focus in the current development phase. And, of course, some bugs have now been fixed to allow a more rounded and high-performance playing experience. This ongoing process, has not yet been completed. A complete overhaul and focus optimization of the complete mission code is also planned for the so called "Feature complete" status (if all core elements are implemented). Speaking probably as a last stage before a 1.0 release.
    • Setting tweaks and debug messages
      As before, all the new features have been given the appropriate configuration possibilities, so that players can still make adjustments according to their own ideas and all without any need for real experience in programming or the like. For better troubleshooting of possible oddities, the possibility was also turned around to display "debug messages" to specific modules (the spawning of the opponents, the logistics and production, the civilian reputation development, etc.) individually in the server log, this makes it easier to solve the problems on the part of the developers.
    A complete changelog to the current version:
    Display Spoiler

    • Added: BI Support System functionality. (Currently deactivated, as there are still issues in MP)
      • Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone.
      • Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew).
      • Added: Players can request artillery support from players (generates task).
    • Added: Civil Reputation.
      • Added: Config variables in kp_liberation_config.sqf.
      • Added: Reputation penalty for killing civilians.
      • Added: Reputation penalty for killing allied resistance fighters.
      • Added: Reputation penalty for seizing civil vehicles.
      • Added: Reputation penalty for destroyed/damaged civil buildings. (Evaluated only on capture a sector event)
      • Added: Mission parameter to choose building penalty for damaged or only destroyed buildings.
      • Added: Reputation gain for liberated sectors.
      • Added: After capturing a sector you might find wounded civilians. You can also gain reputation for offering medical support.
    • Added: Civil informant.
      • Added: If you've a good reputation, a civil informant can rarely spawn at Blufor sectors.
      • Added: Intel increase, if you capture the informant and bring him back to a FOB.
      • Added: There is a chance that an informant will reveal a time critical task to kill a HVT.
    • Added: Asymmetric Threats.
      • Added: Possibility of IEDs in Blufor sectors, if you have a bad civil reputation.
      • Added: Own logistic convoys can be ambushed by guerrilla forces.
      • Added: Value for guerrilla strength which will be affected by the events connected to guerrilla forces.
      • Added: Guerrilla forces presets.
      • Added: Dynamic guerrilla forces equipment depending on their strength value.
      • Added: Chance that guerrilla forces will join the fight at a sector as friend or foe. (Depends on reputation)
      • Added: Possibility of a guerrilla ambush in Blufor sectors (additional to IEDs).
    • Added: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon
    • Added: Automatic server restart script for dedicated servers. Thanks to k4s0
    • Added: Settings in the mission parameters for particular debug messages.
    • Added: Factory map markers now indicate which production facilities are available there.
    • Added: LoW Civilians.
    • Added: LoW UAV backpacks to the default blacklist.
    • Added: LoW AL-6 Pelican UAV.
    • Added: Some of the new RHS vehicles.
    • Added: Turkish localization. Thanks to Carbneth
    • Added: Parameter to set a cooldown for using mobile respawns.
    • Updated: English ingame tutorial texts in stringtable. Thanks to FatRefrigerator
    • Removed: Liberation skill handling of AI units, as BI do this good enough now concerning wounds, etc.
    • Removed: Vehicle explosion chance script for convoy ambush.
    • Removed: Old debug messages.
    • Tweaked: Terrain alignment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29
    • Tweaked: Some reordering of UI elements.
    • Tweaked: Localization support for the extended options menu. Thanks to nercon
    • Tweaked: Highlight color in production list changed to blue instead of misleading green.
    • Tweaked: Amounts of resources on each FOB and production site is now visible in logistic dropdown menu as (Supplies/Ammo/Fuel).
    • Tweaked: Removed the logistic convoy cap of 26 (which was due to the alphabet).
    • Tweaked: Captured enemy vehicles are now also listed in the commanders zeus interface.
    • Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore.
    • Tweaked: IED count in cities, capitals and factories is now dependent on the civil reputation.
    • Tweaked: Corrected some strings in the stringtable.
    • Tweaked: Factories don't have all facilities from the start anymore. The facility they start with is set at campaign start.
    • Tweaked: Replaced all deprecated BIS_fnc_selectRandom with the engine solution selectRandom.
    • Tweaked: Server log will now contain the [STATS] message of all clients. (players and HCs)
    • Tweaked: Preset system split to select Blufor, Opfor, resistance and civilians independently. Thanks to Applejakerie
    • Tweaked: Capitals, cities and factories are now basically guarded by "militia" forces. Switching to regular army if the enemy combat readiness is increased.
    • Tweaked: Static weapons array missed some weapons.
    • Tweaked: Civil vehicles are now saved at a FOB after they were seized by players.
    • Tweaked: Some small code optimisations and format corrections.
    • Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn.
    • Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission.
    • Fixed: Players could deploy multiple FOBs when they selected deploy fast enough on the same container.
    • Fixed: It was possible to disassemble a mortar in preview.
    • Fixed: Preview vehicles could get saved if you shut down the mission right after cancelling the build process or if you'd still the preview in front you.
    • Fixed: Small issues due to the default "hold fire" combat mode for AI.
    • Fixed: Single Infantry units weren't saved sometimes.
    • Fixed: Paratroopers got sometimes an attack helicopter instead of a transport helicopter.
    • Fixed: Rescue helipad blocked building in their near vicinity.
    • Fixed: MPKill Eventhandler issue when using ACE.
    • Fixed: Function to buy a logistic truck worked but caused an error in dedicated server environment.
    • Fixed: Couldn't build under power-lines.
    • Fixed: Items in backpack weren't checked by arsenal blacklist crawler.

    Did you feel like playing the mission? Then you can download them either via the workshop or via GitHub. Especially the latter is clearly recommended if you want to run the mission on a server or in some way.
    Here are the links:
    Would you like to play this mission with us? No problem, we are always open minded and you do not have to be a professional in ArmA, even if we choose our settings and mod choice so that it represents a challenging compromise between high realism degree, the general play is fun and very accessible for new arrivals. Just sign up for one of our weekly ArmA 3 Liberation events on the calendar.

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