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  • Our server offers room for up to 64 players on a total of 47 planets, moons or asteroid fields, between wich you can move freely.
    Your adventure starts with the selection of your starting planet and therefore your origin. Up for selection are the earthlike planet Chartolis, the arid planet Nulopin, and the ice planet Zyther.
    As soon as you've finished your first steps, resisted possible attacks by drones and stormed one or two enemy alien bases, you will be able to leave the planet with your self-constructed ship and explore it all freely.
    Land on other planets or moons, visit the big trading stations in space or find a good position in an asteroid field for a secret shelter to capture transporters and mining ships from there.

    Form a faction with other players and fly through space together in your ships, fight fiercely against other factions or enter into fruitful trade agreements or alliances with them. With the complete trading system between players and with NPC merchants, you could also focus on trading and shipping goods.

    All further information can be found at

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