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  • A new logo for the KP Liberation mission!
    I need your opinion!

    The Liberation Mission is getting a facelift!
    As many of you know, Wyqer did not develop the Liberation Mission himself, but only continued and expanded it.
    Now the mission is to be rewritten from scratch. The general function and the previous features will of course be kept, only the code will be made nice,
    which is likely to have a positive impact on performance. The construction menu will be revised, the menus of the mission will be adapted to the ArmA layout, etc. etc.

    The new look of the mission will also include a new logo, which will look less like USA, but more like KP Liberation.
    I gave free rein to my creativity and made 3 suggestions. The idea was, that the new logo looks less like "we are the almighty USA and we bring you democracy and take your oil", but still has a certain resemblance to the old picture, e.g. by the similar form of the background or by the general structure of the logo (in front writing, soldiers in the back etc.).

    For comparison here is the old logo:

    And here are my 3 suggestions:

    Now you are asked!
    What do you think of the suggestions? What do you like or what would you like to change? Do you have a favorite?
    Let me know your opinion!

Comments 4

  • 71st_AH_Gamecock (XR_G) -

    I still like the original

  • Mex Dutches -

    it would be awsome if the background/map would change in to the map of the mission, this would make it look good and you could see witch map your starting from the logo.

    but generally i like #2

  • Reckulation -

    #3 has my vote!! love the new logo layout bunny great job! Now take my democracy and give me your oil!! lol :P

  • Shadblade5 -

    #3 Is my preference, but i feel like the background fire could be refined to look better/more realistic or possibly removing the background might look good as well because it would look like the Helicopter and Jet are actually flying.