FAQ - Account and settings

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Why do you need my TeamSpeack ID and where can I find it?


The TeamSpeak-ID is a series of numbers, letters and special characters. Since it is bound to your client, it never changes and can identify you.

We use this ID to connect your account on our website witch your TeamSpeak-Account. As a result, that things you do on our website have an effect on your TeamSpeak appearance (e.g. a little "R" for being a registered user).

How to find your ID:
Start your Teamspeak-Client and connect with our server. Klick on the tab “Tools” and then on “Identities”.

Teamspeak ID 1.PNG

At the bottom, you can find your ID. (Note: You need to activate the advanced menu by clicking on “go advance” next to the “OK” button).

Teamspeak ID 2.PNG

Copy your ID. Stay connected to our TS server, it is needed for the verification process (see last step).
On our website, klick on your name (next to your avatar) and a dropdown menu appears. Under “User Account” you can find “Teamspeak Identities”. Now klick on “Add Teamspeak Identity” and paste your ID here.

Teamspeak ID 3.PNG

As a next step, you need to enter a verification code. This code will be sent to you via TeamSpeak message. After your identity is confirmed, the configuration is finished and your TS is now connected with your account.

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