FAQ - Channel for guest clans

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How do I get a channel for my clan?


If you want a channel for your clan, you need to speak to one of our admins. They will then create a channel for you on our TS server. In addition, the related user group will be created on the website. Via this user group you can manage the members of your guest clan.

Next, you will be assigned “Leader” of your clan and are now the moderator of this user group. The prerequisite is that you register on our website. Also, your profile should be linked to your TeamSpeak Client ID. You can find a tutorial here.

As a moderator of the user group, you are the "leader" of the guest clan, and therefore the admin of the respective TeamSpeak channel.

You can create your own little sub channels on the TS, channel with password, etc.

By being a member of the user group on the website, your clan member and you get automatically into the right server group on the TS and you receive your clan tag in front of your name.

How do I add members to my guest clan?

How can I join a guest clan?

Rules for creating sub channels