FAQ - Channel for guest clans

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How do I get a channel for my clan?

How do I add members to my guest clan?

How can I join a guest clan?


To join a guest clan, you must first register on our website. You also need to link your account to your TeamSpeak. You can find a guide for that here.

Now click on your username next to your avatar. In the drop-down menu, select "User groups".

Join Guest TS 1.PNG

Here are the available guest clans listed. Choose a clan and click on the button "Apply for membership". You can also enter a small application text as a comment.

Join Guest TS 2.PNG

Join Guest TS 3.PNG

As soon as the "leader" of the clan has accepted your application, you will automatically be in the corresponding server group in TeamSpeak and will get the clan tag.

Rules for creating sub channels