FAQ - Channel for guest clans

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How do I get a channel for my clan?

How do I add members to my guest clan?

How can I join a guest clan?

Rules for creating sub channels


These rules refer to the creation of sub-channels in the main channel of your guest clan.
  1. No AFK channels should be created. We have a superior AFK-Channel that can and may be used by all.
  2. Channels should not include game titles. For certain games, there are already public channels that may and should be used by our guest clans. A separate channel for a particular game might give the impression that you want to be different from others or "don’t want to have anything to do with others". Since we are a community, we would not want any people, if unintentionally, to make the impression with others they would not want to belong to others. If one wishes to play together undisturbed, this can also be done jointly, e.g. In a general "Gaming" channel within the Clan channel.
  3. Basically, do not exaggerate with creating channels. It is to prevent the creation of many channels, which are then not used or only very rarely. This means: as many as necessary, as few as possible.
The administration team reserves the right to remove any unused channels.