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Information about our gaming-community

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We are the Killah Potatoes Gaming Community

We, the Killah Potatoes Gaming Community, are looking for gamers (especially from german speaking countries, but we welcome all others), who want to belong to a family like our gaming community. We´d like to provide a common place, where gamers are able to get to know each others, discuss, chat, have fun and arrange events together. We provide a large amount of features, for example TS3- and gameserver, an integrated forum, our calender for events and a highly motivated and friendly team of administrators.
The best thing is: It´s for free. We´re not following any monetary objectives. This is why there are no membership fees or anything similar. Our expanses for servers are supported by donations from our community- and clanmembers.
It´s not been unusual, that casual game sessions or chats within TeamSpeak or chatparties with almost strangers lead to real friendships, which makes us, as a young gaming community, really proud.
In our gaming Community you´ll find students, pupils, interns, already dads and hard working gamers , who like to play and have a good time together. Our Community members are playing already a lot of games together. And continiously we are adding more games to our portfolio.
The best thing about our community is, ...
  • that we´re a bunch of friendly and funny gamers
  • that we´re open for new members
  • that we´re putting fun in first place
  • that we have our own forum
  • that we plan our events transparently in our event-calendar
  • that we try to provide lots of events, matches and competitions
  • that we have a highly motivated and friendly team of leaders and administrators
  • that we have our own TS3- and gameservers (and thus are independent in our choices)
  • that all mentioned above is absolutely for free
In addition, everyone in our community can get involved, contribute ideas and shape our shared environment. In our opinion, this leads to a pleasant coexistence and the creation of a "family".

We are looking for gamers who want to play an active role and are interested in strengthening our appearance. It doesn't matter how well someone plays. The main thing is that our users are active, committed and want to fill the community with life.

If you are interested in our community and feel in tune with our philosophy, all you have to do is register on our website. We look forward to seeing yo in our family soon .

Memberships explained

Hello interested player! Here we would like to introduce to you what you can do as a future Killah Potato. Each player has a second, private life so called "real-life". Therefore, it is important to us that this continues to be in the foreground, because only a happy person is a satisfied potato. Each member is allowed to contribute as much as he or she likes and fits into his or her leisure planning.

Anyone can become a community member. All you need to do is register on our website. You have no obligations to the website operators. As a member of the community you can use all offered functions, such as the calendar, to create appointments and register for upcoming events. You can also create threads in the forum, take part in discussions and exchange ideas with other members.

Here our ArmA 3 teaser video about the last KP Liberation mission on Chernarus